Do I Really Need Flood Insurance

Inlet Beach, FL residents understand the risks associated with hurricanes, but many underestimate the potential for flood damage. The agents of Dune Lakes Insurance have the experience you need to help you find the right policy to protect your home and property. Flood insurance is one of the most overlooked policies on the market but could save you thousands of dollars if your home is damaged by floodwaters caused by hurricanes or heavy rains.

Risk of Flooding

Your risk of flooding increases dramatically if you live in a floodplain. Floodplains are areas of land that are situated near bodies of water. A floodplain is where excess water flows to when it overflows its natural boundaries. Along the coast, rivers, ponds, and lakes all have floodplains that extend outward from their banks. The closer you live to the shore, the higher your risk of water damage.

Better Safe Than Sorry

People will often turn down the option for flood insurance because there is a little history of flooding near their home. For many, it’s better to be safe than sorry where flood insurance is concerned. Living near a floodplain means the potential for damage is always present, even though it may not happen often. It only takes one incident for you to lose everything you own.

If you live in Inlet Beach, FL, call the agents of Dune Lakes Insurance today and ask them about their flood insurance policies. They can provide you with valuable information that will allow you to choose the right flood insurance policy to protect your home and your belongings. Schedule an insurance audit today to get the coverage you need!

Why are You Required to Have Home Insurance?

Home insurance is something that every homeowner needs and that can make a huge difference in how easy it is to recover your life after your home faces disaster. Home insurance covers a great deal and there are some cases in which you are required to have home insurance and knowing what they are can make a big difference in your overall policy. For those that live in the Inlet Beach, FL area, the agents with Dune Lakes Insurance can help you to get the right policy for you.

Home insurance is not required if you own your home outright and have no liens, claims or mortgages out against the home or the value of your home. The reason that you are required to have home insurance is so that the bank or another lending agent that has loaned you money for the value of your home can get their money back should your home become destroyed or no longer be worth the money that they loaned you. This is to protect the bank and to make sure that if something does happen to your home, the bank is not going to be out the money and you are not going to have to find the money on your own.

This is also to help make sure that if something does happen, you are going to be able to collect money and recover from the disaster. Home policies are for the value of the home as well as the value of the contents so that you are not without any recompense if something does happen. For those that live in the Inlet Beach, FL area, the agents with Dune Lakes Insurance can help you find the home insurance policy that works for you.  

What Florida business owners need to know about commercial insurance

Owning a business in the Inlet Beach, FL area is a dream for many people. When you do own a business, there are a lot of very important choices that need to be made. One important choice that you will need to make comes when you pick a commercial insurance policy. Before you pick any commercial insurance policy, there are many important things that all Florida business owners need to understand.

Gives a Variety of Coverage

One of the main benefits of commercial insurance is that it can provide you with a wide variety of coverage options. A commercial insurance policy can include coverage for professional liability, workers compensation, property coverage, and a wide variety of other options as well. This means that you will be able to pick a policy that is right for your situation and properly covers your company.

Often a Necessity

Another very important factor to remember about commercial insurance is that it is often a very necessary requirement. For a small business, there are a variety of regulations and rules that need to be met in order to stay in compliance with the law. For example, those that have a certain number of employees will need to have workers compensation insurance. Also, many lenders will require that you have commercial insurance to help protect their assets in the event of a loss. 

When you are shopping for commercial insurance for your Inlet Beach, FL business, you should speak with the professionals at Dune Lakes Insurance. When you come to Dune Lakes Insurance, you will receive great service and support to help you figure out what type of insurance is right for you. This can ensure that you and your business are properly covered by insurance. 

A Basic Guide to Life Insurance

When you think of life insurance, you probably think in terms of the traditional product that pays for a funeral and perhaps a payment to a beneficiary. Life insurance is really much more diverse than that. This guide from Dune Lakes Insurance of Inlet Beach, FL summarizes the main types of life insurance and explains the differences between them. It includes information on which types contribute to your investment portfolio by accruing value.

You’ll find three major kinds of life insurance, permanent, specialty and term. Of those, term and permanent are the most common. Within those types of insurance, you’ll find numerous policy types:

  • level term,
  • non-level term,
  • whole life,
  • universal life,
  • indexed universal,
  • final expense life,
  • group life,
  • accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D),
  • joint and survivorship.

Permanent insurance is also called whole life. Its variations include variable universal life, universal life, variable life, and traditional whole life. The American Council of Life Insurers reports that in 2016, 6.4 million whole life policies were purchased.

Term Insurance only pays if the person dies within the policy coverage years. Common term policies last 30 years, so death must occur during year one to 30. The only benefit is the lump sum payment. With a level term, the death benefit remains the same year to year, while with the decreasing term, it decreases in one-year increments as the policy years pass.

Specialty insurance refers to items like AD&D coverage which pays a benefit if the insured dies due to an unforeseen accident like a car wreck. It also pays if the insured survived the accident but suffered dismemberment.

Life insurance can be confusing. Contact Dune Lakes Insurance of Inlet Beach, FL to figure out which policies work best for you. We’ll help you get the right insurance to provide for your future.

How do home insurance claims work?

Claiming insurance can be a strenuous process particularly for individuals with less knowledge on how they work. Residents in Inlet Beach, FL know the value of purchasing a home insurance policy, but very few know how to go about claiming it. At Dune Lakes Insurance, we encourage all our insurance holders to learn the home insurance claim process, which gives you a better chance to recover all you have lost in the shortest time possible.

When you should claim your home insurance

The truth is that nobody wishes to claim their home insurance irrespective of the fact that you work hard to pay for it every month because it will mean that everything at home isn’t okay. Disasters do happen, and the best way to save yourself and get out of the mess is claiming your home insurance, and Dune Lakes Insurance helps you get back to normalcy as quickly as possible.

How insurance claim work

In case of a fire breakout, burglary or storm damage, the most critical step is to notify your insurance company. Let them know what happened so that they can find the most suitable solution for you. Take pictures or videos as you assess the damage before the company officials get to you. This way, you will have a good account of your losses and estimate the cost. Your insurance company may ask for the pictures, receipts of the lost items and your rough estimation of the total loss.

The whole process may take time if you are slow yourself, but if you have what’s needed, then your insurance provider should be able to fix your home in no time. To learn more about how to claim your insurance policies, get quotes or discuss new policies, visit us at Dune Lakes Insurance in Inlet Beach, FL today.



5 Questions You Should Ask About Home Insurance

It’s important to keep your home safe in Inlet Beach, FL. As such, there are a few questions that you should ask about home insurance. Dune Lakes Insurance agents are here to help you every step of the way.

What is included in the coverage?

There are standard things included in homeowner’s coverage, including the building, personal belongings, and liability. However, certain things may not be covered, such as flood damage. Knowing what is and isn’t covered will ensure that you add riders when necessary.

Are all personal belongings covered?

Most personal belongings would be covered by your home insurance. However, if you have a lot of high-value items, it may be beneficial for you to add more coverage.

What is the best company?

There are a lot of companies that are able to provide home insurance in Florida. Some are better than others. By working with an agent, you can learn more about the companies and choose one that is financially sound with top-notch customer service.

What is the cost of the premiums?

The cost of your coverage should be a question that you ask about. Quotes should be obtained from multiple companies so that you can see who is charging what amount. The goal should be to get a premium that you can afford.

What is the deductible?

The deductible should be known before you agree to one policy over another. If you have to file a claim as a result of theft or damage, the deductible is what you will be responsible for paying out of pocket before the insurance covers the rest.

At Dune Lakes Insurance, we can answer the many questions that you have about your homeowner’s insurance. Let us help you get the coverage that you need for your home in Inlet Beach, FL.


What are the benefits of commercial insurance?

If you own or manage a business, there are many important decisions that need to be made. One important decision that you will have to make is whether or not you should get insurance for your company. For those that are in the Inlet Beach, FL area, there are several benefits that come when you have commercial insurance.

Protects Business Assets

One of the main advantages of commercial insurance is that it can help to protect your business assets. When you own a business, you may have the equipment, inventory, and supplies that cost a lot of money. Losing these assets could be devastating to your company. Fortunately, through the use of commercial insurance, you can properly protect your business assets. Your commercial insurance policy can also be expanded to include your place of business if you own or lease any additional real estate. 

Gives Liability Protection

Another benefit that comes when you have commercial insurance is that it can provide you with the liability protection that you need. As a business that produces and sells any product or service, you are taking on risk every time someone uses it. If something happens and someone gets hurt through the use of something that you produce, you could face a hefty lawsuit. When you have a full commercial insurance policy in place, you will receive protection against this potential liability. 

If you own your own business in the Inlet Beach, FL area, you should reach out to the team at Dune Lakes Insurance. Choosing the right commercial insurance policy can be a complicated but important decision. When you are looking for commercial insurance, Dune Lakes Insurance will help you to find the right policy that appropriately covers your business. 

3 Times You Need Umbrella Insurance

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, umbrella insurance is a special type of coverage that helps you pay if you lose a lawsuit. It seems like strange insurance for the average person to have, so it’s easily dismissed. Don’t ignore it until you know a little more. According to the folks at Dune Lakes Insurance, these are the situations that can make a resident of Inlet Beach, FL, at higher risk of being sued.

You Have Something to Lose

This is the cardinal rule of determining how much umbrella insurance you should carry, and it holds true for businesses and individuals. If you have assets, they could be used to determine how much you owe in a lawsuit. Typically, your standard insurance policies include liability for things like bodily injury and property damage, but when you have something to lose, you could find yourself on the hook for more than those policies cover. That’s the whole point of umbrella insurance.

You Work With Minors

Working with kids can be the most rewarding thing you do with your time. Unfortunately, kids can be clumsy, and working with them comes with some risks. This is especially true if you coach sports. Liabilities assigned in the case of injured minors usually run high. As a society, we value children, and this gets reflected in court decisions. An umbrella policy here is one you especially hope to never need, but it’s important.

You Have Subordinates

When you read that, you probably assume it applies to business owners and operators. That’s true, but it can apply to virtually anyone. If you have kids, they can have accidents. Guess who’s liable. The same applies to pet owners. You love your furry babies, but they can’t help you pay damages that they might cause.

Knowing that you have need for umbrella insurance is only the first step. You still need to find the right policy. Your Dune Lakes Insurance agent can help. They serve the Inlet Beach, FL, area, and they’ll be happy to help you too.


Does Flood Insurance Also Cover Water Damage Caused By Broken Pipes?

When homeowners in the Inlet Beach, FL region are in the process of purchasing homeowners’ insurance, flood insurance is typically an area of concern. Knowing exactly how coverage your flood insurance provides and what to prepare for is important. 

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Understanding the limitations of a flood insurance policy is crucial. Before consulting with Dune Lakes Insurance, it behooves the client to have a realistic idea of what to expect. For starters, even those who do not reside in areas that are prone to flooding should still consider purchasing coverage.

The home’s essential systems remain covered. This includes your water heater, furnace, sump pump, plumbing, and electrical systems. Appliances, carpeting, windows, permanently installed woodwork, foundation walls, detached garages, and personal valuables can also be included. 

What About My Broken Pipes? 

On the other hand, there are aspects of the home that are not going to be covered by flood insurance. If any furniture that has been placed in a basement or crawlspace is damaged, you will not be able to receive compensation. This includes any television sets, audio systems and furniture. 

When it comes to broken pipes, the answer is not so simple. If the homeowner is proven to have engaged in poor maintenance techniques that contributed to the breaking of the pipes, they are not always going to be able to receive the assistance that they desire. In most instances, the damage must occur to the home before the water has had a chance to hit the ground. 

Water damage is also not considered to be the same as flood damage. A homeowner must select the policy that is going to offer the necessary coverage beforehand. While there are some flood insurance policies that will cover all water damage and flood damage, most policies offer a strong differentiation between the two. 

Be sure to contact Dune Lakes Insurance to find out more about the assistance that can be provided to Inlet Beach, FL residents who are in search of flood insurance assistance. 

Types of commercial insurance

It is very important for every business owner to protect his or her business against potential hazards and lawsuits with a commercial insurance policy from Dune Lakes Insurance in Inlet Beach, FL. However, many business people get confused when it comes to choosing the right type of commercial insurance that satisfies the specific needs of their businesses. Here are some of the crucial commercial insurance coverages you should consider when starting a business.

Workers’ Compensation

Employers are required to carry Workers’ Compensation to cover medical bills and death benefits for their employees in case they get injured or die while at their respective workstations. The policy will also protect your business against lawsuits. The Workers’ Compensation policy comes in handy when the employee needs to be paid for lost wages or other hospital bills until the employee is fully compensated for his or her losses.


The policy protects the business premises and all the contents inside the building. Dune Lakes Insurance offers additional coverage for loss of rent. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase the property policy regardless of whether you own the commercial building or you are renting. Without the policy, you may end up paying a lot of money-out-of-pocket or even close shop in case of pricey lawsuits. In fact, most startups without this policy close down even before they get off the ground.


As a business owner, you need general liability coverage to protect your business against liabilities. The policy will cover the full cost of defense and pay settlements up to the policy’s limit. The policy is divided into premises limit, aggregate limit, and products or operations limit. While the aggregate limit will pay for all your claims, the premises, and operations limits will cover individual claims that your business may encounter.


The policy protects your business vehicles. It can also cover personal vehicles used for running business errands. Therefore, you need to discuss your commercial insurance needs with your insurer to ensure that every vehicle used for business purposes is properly covered. The policy comes in handy when your business automobiles get damaged in the event of an accident.

Do you own a business in Inlet Beach, FL? Consider buying the right type of commercial insurance to ensure that your investment is fully protected. You can contact our knowledgeable commercial insurance specialists for more information on how to get started.