How a commercial insurance plan will protect an Inlet Beach business owner.

Anyone that would like to own a business should consider starting one in the Inlet Beach, FL area. This part of the country continues to see population growth and a good economy. As you are looking to build a business in this area, you can find that it will come with various risks. Fortunately, a commercial insurance policy can protect you and your business in several ways. 

Coverage Offsets Liability Risk

A reason that you should consider getting commercial insurance is that it can help to offset your liability risk. Anyone that intends to start a company will quickly find that they take on liability risk regularly. Fortunately, if you invest in a full commercial insurance plan, you will get the coverage needed to mitigate this risk as it will provide you with commercial liability insurance protection.

Coverage Protects Business Assets

You should also get a commercial insurance plan as it will protect assets owned by your business. Those that choose to buy assets for their company will want to know that they will be protected and be accessible for a long time. A commercial insurance policy offers the necessary protections to ensure you have the capacity to repair or replace these assets if certain losses are incurred. 

Those that are business owners in the Inlet Beach, FL area will always want to make sure that their company is properly protected. A great way that this can be done is by working with a professional to discuss your insurance needs. The team with Dune Lakes Insurance can offer all of the support that you need to build a proper commercial insurance plan. Dune Lakes Insurance is able to do this by carefully assessing your needs and finding ways to mitigate certain risks your business faces. 

Do I need to have umbrella insurance in Florida?

Those that live in Inlet Beach, FL are going to have various insurance needs. One type of insurance that should never be overlooked is umbrella insurance. This is a unique type of insurance coverage that will provide you with excess personal liability support. If you do live here, you should consider getting this type of coverage for a few reasons. 

Coverage Protects Against More Scenarios

A reason you should consider umbrella insurance a necessity in this part of Florida is that it can give you support against more scenarios. A lot of people in this part of Florida will have auto and home coverage plans, which do offer some liability support. However, the coverage scope under these plans is limited compared to other types of insurance. If you get an umbrella insurance plan, you will get the support you need to protect against more situations that can come with a liability claim. 

Coverage Offers Protection Against Larger Claims

Another advantage of umbrella insurance is you will get coverage against larger claims. If you are ever responsible for a serious accident, there is a chance that damages can exhaust your existing insurance plans, and you will need to pay the difference out of pocket. When you get umbrella insurance, it will give protection that is on top of your existing plans. 

There are a lot of reasons that those in the Inlet Beach, FL area should opt for an umbrella insurance plan when they want to offset their personal liability risk. If you are looking for a plan in this area, calling Dune Lakes Insurance is always a good idea. If you would like to call Dune Lakes Insurance, you can get the support needed to understand your liability risks and build an appropriate plan. 

What every Inlet Beach, FL resident should know about flood insurance

If it’s your dream to own a beach home in Inlet Beach, FL, you’re not alone. Many people who dream of living in Florida prefer their homes to be along the coastal regions. While the coast provides a beautiful sunset view and great beach life, living around such areas exposes you to unpredictable storms and possible flooding events. Remember, home insurance does not cover floods. That’s why Dune Lakes Insurance recommends educating yourself about flood insurance to be adequately prepared. Here is what you need to know about floods in Florida.

No one is really safe from floods

About 20% of flood insurance claims from most insurance companies in Inlet Beach, FL come from people living in low or moderate-risk flood areas. Floods can hit anytime. Sometimes you don’t have time to evacuate or take any precautions. If you don’t buy the policy on time, you may be forced to pay out of pocket for a vast portion of the damage. Remember, flood insurance comes with a 30-day waiting period.

You don’t need to be in a high-risk area to get the policy

If you live in Florida, you should buy flood insurance. Floods can be devastating as they end up causing massive destruction of properties worth millions along the way. If you are not adequately covered, you may end up losing your home and valuables, and you just never know when they hit. 

Flood insurance prices vary

Every policyholder’s insurance needs are different. Your insurance provider will need to check a few things, such as your risk level, the size of the home, and the type of construction, to determine your insurance premiums. To ensure you’re adequately covered, make sure your policy covers the value of your home and its contents.

Don’t wait for floods to hit your property to buy flood insurance. Get your customized flood insurance policy from Dune Lakes Insurance today!

How Does Home Insurance Protect Someone

Your ultimate mission is to protect your home against imminent incertitudes. With splendid home insurance in Inlet Beach, FL you can virtually safeguard everything. This coverage includes your home, possessions, and even salvaging your finances. Understanding your coverage options is paramount so that you land the right home insurance policy. This period warrants working with our agents at Dune Lakes Insurance located in Inlet Beach, FL to enjoy plenty of ways to protect you and your home.

Home insurance coverage options in Florida

The exciting part about home insurance is that it comes with several options. This flexibility makes it convenient, affordable, and customizable to suit your multiple needs in Inlet Beach FL. Below are some of the home insurance coverages you should consider to offer you formidable protection.

Dwelling coverage: Cover your home with your detached structures such as shed and detached garage against imminent perils such as theft, vandalism, storms, and other disasters. It also protects your home structures like floors, walls, and built-in systems. It helps to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss up to your policy limit.

Contents coverage: Reimburses cost for replacement of your assets in case of damage or loss. It safeguards items, including furniture and clothing in your dwelling. If a covered peril strikes, you will receive funds for the value of these items.

Liability coverage: Safeguards you against bodily injury and property damage you cause to other people. It also covers overall costs for injuries sustained by your visitors while residing in your premises or elsewhere.

Additional living expenses coverage: This type of policy caters to other living expenses such as hotel bills and accommodation whenever your home becomes uninhabitable after covered calamities strike.

It’s worthwhile to note that, though home insurance covers various perils, it won’t protect against earthquakes and flooding if your dwelling location is in floods and earthquake-prone areas; it’s prudent to talk to your insurance agent for separate policies.

Home insurance In Beach, FL

Are you energized to get started with home insurance? Get in touch with Dune Lakes Insurance today for all your home insurance remedies.

Important Reasons to Get Commercial Insurance

Your business may be financially secure, meaning you can pay for unexpected emergencies without breaking a sweat, or you may be a start-up and can barely afford the various insurance policies that you are required to pay for your operations. Whichever of these options your business falls under, commercial insurance acts as an essential cover and will often dictate how well you relate to your customers, partners, and the law. If you have a business in Inlet Beach, FL, Dune Lakes Insurance takes you through the reasons to consider getting commercial insurance.

The Law Requires It

Whichever state you operate your business in, numerous laws require companies to have some coverage to protect their employees and their customers. Due to this, you will be required to carry basic commercial coverage, with the go-to options for this being workers’ compensation policy and commercial auto coverage.

Business Contracts Require Commercial Insurance

During your operations, you will likely encounter contracts that require business insurance, with examples of this being financing contracts, building leases, or business partnerships. If you are looking to secure such agreements, the contract terms need to be met, requiring you to get commercial insurance for your business. Failure to do so could leave you without assistance, causing a halt to business operations.

Builds Reputation

Whether you have only just started your company or have a business that you have been running for years, commercial insurance is the standard by which your customers and partners will judge you. Having the right policy shows that your business can take care of employees and customers when they encounter emergencies, allowing you to build confidence and reputation in your industry.

Offers Peace of Mind

Apart from protecting your workforce, having commercial insurance comes with the guarantee that your business is protected when covered perils strike. With this in mind, you can rest knowing that you are covered through emergencies, helping you carry out your activities without worrying.

Wherever your need lies, Dune Lakes Insurance is here to help you reap the above benefits. Call us today for commercial insurance aimed at protecting your Inlet Beach, FL business.

When Should I Get Homeowners Insurance?

Moving to Inlet Beach, FL, is one of the exciting things you can do because it is one of the best cities for leisure. You have multiple options of owning properties or even renting. If you want to have your property, insurance professionals at Dune Lakes Insurance recommend that you consider homeowners insurance. 

When to Get Homeowners Insurance

A huge number of people tend to think about homeowners’ plans after completing the deal. This is a very common scenario when you have purchased the house in cash. However, you need to get your homeowners insurance before you close the deal. This will help you to make sure that the property is covered before you move in.

In common situations, most people look for funding from mortgage providers or banks. These organizations will not provide funding to you if you do not have a home insurance plan. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the plan first before you can request funding from your lender. 

Protecting Yourself and the Lender

When you’re buying a new property, the chances are that something wrong might happen. A fire outbreak can consume the house. The plumbing works might get damaged. Having homeowners’ insurance mean that you will not face such expenses from your pocket.

Your lender needs to be protected as well. They have invested their money in you so that you can have property. By having homeowners insurance before closing the deal, your lender will have a sense that their investment is safeguarded against uncertainties. 

Do You Want to Buy a New Home?

Buying a new home in Inlet Beach, FL, is quite expensive. Therefore, you must make sure that your investment is protected at any given cost. Dune Lakes Insurance is your ultimate homeowner insurance provider for new homeowners in this region. Reach our customer service desk today for advice on homeowners insurance.

5 Important Facts About Flood Insurance Coverage

According to FEMA, 90% of natural disasters in the United States – from Inlet Beach, FL to Seattle -involve flooding. These flooding events occur across most terrains, with about 20% of flooding insurance claims sourced from areas defined as low/moderately low flood risk.

However, ensuring a property against flood damage differs from other coverage, which is why it is prudent to speak with the insurance professionals at Dune Lakes Insurance regarding flood insurance coverage for your property in and around Inlet Beach, FL.

5 Facts About Flood Insurance

  1. Flood insurance is a part of most homeowner’s insurance policies; however, flood coverage is available through Dune Lakes Insurance. Most flood insurance is underwritten by the NFIP – the National Flood Insurance Program. 
  2. A homeowner’s mortgage lender may require flood insurance coverage if the mortgaged property falls within a defined FEMA flood map/zone. The owner of a property held ‘free and clear’ will need to decide if they want to purchase flood insurance, as there would be no lender to mandate its purchase.
  3. When purchased, flood insurance coverage has a standardized waiting period of 30 days before the coverage begins. As such, homeowners should NOT wait to buy this coverage at the last minute.
  4. FEMA defines different flood zones based on the expected and calculated risk of a flood in that area. Each flood zone will have certain flood insurance costs associated with its risk level, with the riskiest flood zones generally having higher insurance rates.
  5. Flood coverage is important for both coastal and inland areas.

Homeowners should remember that FEMA updates its flood maps periodically so that a property may change flood zones during a routinized update. Dune Lakes Insurance professionals can help you determine if flood insurance is the right fit for your situation.

Do I need home insurance in Inlet Beach?

Anyone that moves to the Inlet Beach, FL area is going to have plenty of housing options, which includes being able to purchase a home. If you do want to purchase a new home in this part of the state, you need to get a quality home insurance plan. Having this form of coverage is important and needed by people in this area for a few different reasons. 

Coverage Offers Important Protection

A reason why people here need to get a home insurance plan is that it will offer very important protection. If you choose to purchase a property, you will be making a huge investment in an important asset and will also be taking on more liability risk. When you get a home insurance plan, you will get the protection that can help to protect this important asset and offer liability risk mitigation.

Coverage is a Requirement

You should also get a home insurance plan because it is likely a requirement for you. Many people in this area of the state will take out a mortgage when they purchase their home. If this is the case for you, getting proper insurance coverage will be a requirement to comply with mortgage standards. Further, if your home is part of an association you will likely have rules established by that organization as well that will require you to maintain coverage.

If you would like to get a home insurance plan in the Inlet Beach, FL area, calling Dune Lakes Insurance would be helpful. The team with Dune Lakes Insurance understands how valuable this coverage is and they know how it can protect a property owner. With their guidance, you will be able to choose and build a plan that is right for your situation. 

Commercial Insurance Requirements in Inlet Beach, FL

If you reside in the city of Inlet Beach, FL, and are interested in learning about commercial insurance, you might want to consult with experts at an agency such as Dune Lakes Insurance.

For the majority of business owners in the state of Florida, general liability insurance is required. This coverage is very important not only because it is required, but also because it protects business owners from having to pay the costs associated with either indirect or direct damages to other parties.

If your business or your employees end up doing anything that causes damages for which you can be held liable, general liability coverage can come to your aid. This will cover personal injuries (which can involve visitors, customers, and subcontractors) and property damage. If you are a business owner in the state of Florida, you will have options in terms of policy limits and insurance deductibles with whatever coverage plan you have chosen.

There are many different types of businesses in Florida that have commercial insurance coverage. These include restaurants, contractors, retail stores, healthcare operations, and others. The exact type of policy you will need to get depends on quite a bit on the exact type of business that you are running. Different types of businesses will obviously have different specifics in terms of operation, which will leave them more likely to cause very unique types of damage to people who come in contact with them.

If you are living in Inlet Beach, FL and want to know more about commercial insurance, you should feel free to contact the professionals at Dune Lakes Insurance. They will be able to give you more information that can be helpful, and they may be able to point you in the right direction in terms of what policy would be right for you.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

When you have both home and auto insurance, you have some liability protection. However, you likely have very little of it. One way to fix that is to add an umbrella insurance policy to your coverage. If you are interested in having an umbrella policy, call us today at Dune Lakes Insurance in Inlet Beach, FL.

Boost Your Liability Coverage

To get more liability coverage for your home and auto insurance policies, you can go to the insurance carrier and ask to raise your liability maximums. However, this can be extremely expensive to do. For getting the coverage that is not much more, you can significantly raise your monthly premiums costs. Few people want to do this and drive up their bills, but extra coverage is important to have. 

However, there is another choice for raising the liability coverages on both of these policies. You can get an umbrella insurance policy. This type of policy adds to both your home and auto insurance so that you are covered with far more liability insurance. That makes it more likely that a serious accident won’t max out your coverage and force you to sell your assets to pay for medical bills. If a serious accident were to occur, you would have far more coverage to pay for it with an umbrella plan. 

Talk to an Insurance Agent

If you need more liability coverage and you don’t want to pay through the nose for it, call us at Dune Lakes Insurance in Inlet Beach, FL to make an appointment with an agent. We can explain more about umbrella policies to you and find out how much coverage you likely need to have enough liability protection.