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Umbrella Insurance in Florida

It may be as simple as a dog bite that blooms into a lawsuit, or it might be a complicated multiple car accident that you were involved in. Accidents happen, and an individual can be found legally at fault. Umbrella insurance coverage serves to protect your assets- from car to home to income- so that one quick but horrible incident doesn't cause financial ruin. We at Dune Lakes Insurance stand ready to discuss your concerns over the growing need for protection from litigation in Florida. We can answer your questions and show you some excellent umbrella coverage policies that will provide you with peace of mind.

Serving in the Santa Rosa Beach, FL area

Dune Lakes Insurance is a reliable insurance provider with ties to the community. We believe in serving the needs of the citizens of Florida so that they can go to work, run their businesses, and feel confident in their community as well. Insurance coverage is a good way to back up your assets so that those occasional unfortunate eventualities don't ruin your life.

For your specialized needs

Umbrella insurance is not required by Florida state law. If you have a specialized collection, own exotic pets, run a business, have a dog, own a boat, or live in a community that often engages in litigation, then you want to consider umbrella insurance coverage that will extend your conventional insurance coverage to meet those situations that may occur.

For large scale events

A vehicle pile-up on the freeway, an injury on your property, or a massive community-wide incident could all bring about losses that standard insurance coverage can't cover. Contact Dune Lakes Insurance in the Santa Rosa Beach, FL area and discuss with us how umbrella insurance coverage can protect you. We can educate you on minimum requirements in coverage and find you the best policy to serve your unique needs.

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