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Home Insurance in Florida

Unlike an auto insurance policy, a home insurance policy is not required by law in Florida. However, almost everyone understands that a home insurance policy is vital for anyone living in Florida. After all, homes in Santa Rosa Beach, FL are prone to hurricane strikes that can seriously damage a home. While most home insurance policies will protect the structure of a home, people also need to understand the importance of extending that home insurance policy to cover living expenses as well. If a home is damaged beyond repair, it is possible that people could wind up living out of a hotel for an extended period of time. This can cause the bills to pile up quickly.

People purchase home insurance policies to cover the structure of the home. Many people forget the important riders and additions that are important to home insurance. If a person has a basic home insurance policy, this policy will cover typical damages to a home. You might want to think about extended coverages. A family can be forced into a hotel room for an extended period if a home is damaged beyond the point of livability. This family is also forced to eat out for multiple meals in a row. This can place a significant amount of financial stress that isn't covered by the home insurance policy. On the other hand, it is easy for people to purchase a living expenses addition with their insurance policy. This is a rider that will provide funding if a home is damaged beyond the point of livability. Families located in the Florida area are familiar with hurricanes and the damage they can deal to homes. Do not be forced to pay for an extended hotel stay out of pocket. Consider adding a living expenses rider onto that home insurance policy.

Dune Lakes Insurance has been providing premier home insurance coverage to the people of Santa Rosa Beach, FL for years. Call Dune Lakes Insurance today for a consultation.

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