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Renters Insurance in Florida

It's pretty important for a home owner to have reliable insurance coverage for their homes, but what many Florida renters don't know is that renters insurance can be just as valuable. Here at Dune Lakes Insurance, serving the area of Santa Rosa Beach, FL, we have dependable, affordable renter's insurance coverage available for the renting individual, couple, or family. So what is renters insurance, is it required by law, and why would a person need it anyway?

What is it?

Renters insurance generally provides coverage for renters' property in situations of theft, fire, storms, vandalism, and other situations. We can provide more details. Come in to our Santa Rosa Beach, FL office or give us a call. We'd be glad to answer any questions you have.

Is it required by law?

In Florida renters are not required by state law to purchase renters insurance coverage. However, many landlords include it as a requirement within their lease agreement. If a renter decides to obtain renters insurance, it is not an expensive purchase like home owner's insurance could be. It often can cost about as much as lunch at your favorite burger joint. We at Dune Lakes Insurance can help renters if they find themselves in the market for insurance. It's easy and very cost effective.

Why do I need it?

Renters often forego insurance of any kind except that required by law on their vehicle or their own health. This can be unwise because renters insurance can provide ease of mind. In many unfortunate eventualities the renter finds that they are unable to quickly replace their material goods. They have to start all over again. Renters in the Santa Rosa Beach, FL area should consider contacting us today at Dune Lakes Insurance for some amazing quotes on insurance that will provide back up in case the unthinkable happens.

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